Jillian A, Venice Beach

“Previous to Michael's beach boot camp, my workout routine was unorganized and simply put, just plain easy. I had a terrible tendency to yo-yo with my weight and fitness goals and became increasingly frustrated with all the "lose inches now" shenanigans. Michaels' Ultimate Beach Workout enabled me to recognize and focus in on what I wanted out of my body and then in turn, help me follow through on my set goals. He comes prepared with a different workout each day and explains the process in simple terms so I can concentrate on how to perform the movements without feeling silly or confused.

I never feel rushed, he's organized and moves the class along at a good pace without having to pause and think of what to do next. His engaging personality and group atmosphere make you want to work hard and push yourself past what you thought you could do.

YES it is hard work, and YES I now hold myself accountable for the way I look and feel however, his dedication, constant encouragement and realistic goal setting have enabled me to achieve the body I've always dreamed about and keep. No more Mr. Yo-Yo!”