Patrick M, Venice Beach

"I look at Mike's fitness routines as an important, fun, and challenging part of my day each time I go. I know that I am doing something really good for myself; something that not only makes my body more strong and healthy, but makes me more confident, too... and, I can never attain too much of any one of those attributes!  I'm at the point where I am really fighting age now and I'm much too vain to not do something about it.  I'm so glad I found a way to exercise with a group that are there to cheer each other on, and a work out that changes often enough to keep me interested in coming back every time. 

Also, there's something for me about the beach environment that wakes me up with the day, more ready to push myself.  It's really nice to enjoy the changing landscapes of the beach and the tides... SO GLAD I don't have to go to the same old gym all the time like I used to!"