Dara & Will, Santa Monica

Real Deal Holyfield.  

You ever been walking along the beach and look out and see a group of people killing themselves working out, but strangely looking like they are enjoying it.  

Yeah thats because Big Mike's Boot Camp is as much fun as it is hard work.  Big Mike is the most supportive and motivating trainer I have ever had and all the people that come are absolutely awesome.  

No sweaty gym, no funky smells, just the soft ocean breeze and the sweet salt air as you leave your daily worries behind and work out with normal people just like you looking to better themselves and support each other.  

Joined for first month deal and after one month have not looked back and have signed up for 12 more months.  

Try it for one month.  What do you have to loose besides that sad feeling you get every time you wish you were more active.