Jill V, Pacific Palisades

If you want to hang out indoors and chat while pretending to break a sweat, join a gym.  If you want to get a kick ass workout that produces results while hanging out with the dolphins on the sands of Santa Monica, join Big Mike's Boot Camp.  It just doesn't get any better than starting your day on the beach with a fantastic group of people and a trainer who will keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals.  

Big Mike brings an energy and enthusiasm to each workout that keeps the entire group motivated from start to finish.  His workouts are innovative, well planned, and address every muscle group so you get a challenging, full body workout each time you come.  And as an added bonus, Big Mike plans weekend events like kayaking, hiking, bowling, and other get togethers that give you an opportunity to meet new friends and continue the fun!

Big Mike's Boot Camp is not just The Ultimate Beach Workout, but it's the BEST BOOT CAMP out there!